The Way of Things

Ashes of the Last War is a Dungeons & Dragons campaign set in the fantasy meets steam-punk setting of Eberron. The world of Eberron takes many classic D&D conventions and turns them on their ear, injecting them with healthy doses of pulp, noir and soft sci-fi. The result is a unique blend of genre equally suitable for high adventure or intrigue storytelling, and may appropriately be called “Dungeon-Punk” or “Swords & Steam.”

The Ashes of the Last War campaign uses the default adventures published for the Eberron Campaign Setting. At this time very little original content has been added to the story, and these adventures are being played as both a break from our regular classic fantasy gaming, and as a tutorial in playing Third Edition Dungeons & Dragons for a group of player’s who havn’t played it before.

For now this will likely be a temporary foray into a different type of fantasy world than we’re used to, but who knows? If we enjoy it enough we may decide to extend our stay, and among other things that will require some original writing and material to extend the short default campaign.


Eberron: Ashes of the Last War

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